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Fashion Designers

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Hi m - squad it's Maya Glitters here! Welcome back to my blog! Don't forget to share this post with family friends! So today's post is all about Fashion Designers!!!

Fashion Designers Maya Glitters

Photo Credits - Kheris Rodgers, House Of Juniors

What is A fashion designer?

"a person who designs high-fashion clothing."


So basically, a fashion designer designs clothing! Often people think that you have to wait until you become an adult in order to start your own fashion line, but in today's blog, I'm going to prove to you that the misconception is VERY wrong!

Kheris Rogers

At age 14 Kheris is the fashion designer for the clothing brand " Flexin In My Complexion".

"The world took notice of 10-year-old Kheris Rogers after 15-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys posted a picture of her on Instagram with the caption:I love this beautiful girl @kherispoppin and I love her mission! Keep shining.”

Kheris’ mission is to empower confidence with her clothing line Flexin’ In My Complexion, which she was inspired to create after being teased for her dark complexion in school in Los Angeles.

"Beauty has nothing to do with the outside,” Kheris said.

By -

Kheris has gone viral and even Beyonce her self has been seen wearing her t-shirts!


Here is an example of a budding kid - fashionista named Ruocen (pronounced ru - shen)

below are a couple of her AWESOME designs!⬇️

They are incredible! Ruocen is soo talented! The above images prove that it's not just adults that can be fashion designers! Kids can too!

If you would like to start here are my top tips for you -

  1. Look up some tutorials on how to draw Fashion Designs

  2. Set up an email address (Gmail is easiest)

  3. Contact small companies you like and ask them for advice (no one can so no to kids)😂

Thank you so much for reading!

Stay Stylish,

Maya Glitters 😄


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